"The show [Nutcracker] was so, so beautiful.  I was so unbelievably impressed with not only how well produced the show was, but how much the children learned from only day a week practice  You all do such a great job with them.  And the kids were just amazing."  

  - Beth, mom of Abby (7) , Nutcracker participant 

" [My daughter] loves being part of the Senior Dance Company! Thank you for fostering an environment where she not only learns a lot but also has a lot of fun. It is such a great experience for her.

We very much enjoyed the show! We enjoyed everything including the amazing choreography, venue, and the smiles on the girls' faces during and after the show. It was inspiring to see dancers of all ages perform. Thank you for everything that you did! The costumes were beautiful... a big thank you to your mother in law as well. I think these types of performances and events for the girls to participate in are really beneficial to them in so many ways."  

  - Gina, mom of Laura (16), Senior Company member

"Thank you for being such a wonderful influence in Luciana's life.  It's really helped her to come out of her shell.  I can't express how fond I am of you teachers.  I'm so glad I have two more little ladies to benefit from all you are offering!  What you are doing is so empowering and enriching for these kids."      - Sarah, mom of Luciana (8), musical theater participant